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Hybrid Coating Agent | Korean Products

June 22, 2018

Hybrid Coating Agent[INQ. NO. 1806C15] Conventional glass coating agents come with high entry-barriers due to high product costs, quick hardening time, short duration, unpleasant odors, high construction costs, and difficulty in removing stains.
Rutilo is the world’s first hybrid coating agent for automobiles and motorcycles. Rutilo has excellent waterproof and antifouling properties and can be used in everyday applications such as plastics, rubber, glass, leather, footwear, and textiles as well as automotive surfaces.
Dura Crystal has excellent color restoration ability that is applied immediately on spraying it and penetrates into the paint, plastic, and clear layer, improving antifouling property on the sprayed area. In addition to ultra water-repellent effects, it has various functions such as UV blocking to prevent discoloration of exposed areas, revolutionary glazing with swirl mark cover, forming of viscoelastic protective film on the surface, preventing contamination caused by bugs and dirt, rust prevention, and excellent corrosion protection and anti-oxidation. Dura Crystal is optimized for car maintenance
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