Cat House[INQ. NO. 1806C04] Cave House produced by RAYNCO, a manufacturer of living products for pets, is popular among cat lovers. Cave House is not only a pretty cat house but a product designed by taking cats’ habits into account.
Cats have a tendency to sleep in a crouched position. Cave House is thus designed to make cats feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible.
It is made of 4mm felt produced in Korea that complies with the safety standards against environmental hormones and harmful chemicals and that is not easily damaged even when a cat scratches it with its claws.
The waterproof coating and cushion cover processed to prevent hair from being attached is highly resistant to contamination and easy to wash. The cushion filler made of fabric is effective against mites and has excellent resilience.
Cave House is produced by a leather handbag craftsman with 25-year-experience through numerous pattern modifications with careful sewing and knitting to help upgrade the quality of life of one’s beloved cat.
RAYNCO seeks to design products for pets to live in a more comfortable and happy environment and further create new values and cultures for pet owners and their pets. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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