Packaged Korean Foods Pancake is made by utilizing its 23 years of production experience. It is a transformation of traditional Korean pancakes enjoyed by people since early days, by maximizing the original taste and texture of raw materials as much as possible. It consists of Vegetable or Seafood Pancake.
Produced by using a patented proprietary batter technology, SAONGWON Gimmari features a crispy texture and enjoys popularity, attracting more and more consumers. SAONGWON Gimmari consists of Original and Spicy Gimmari.
SAONGWON also produces desserts that can be enjoyed at home, such as Hotteok, a typical Korean street food, Chapssalttyeok, a Korean rice cake, made of glutinous rice filled with sweet beans, cool ice dumplings, and donuts made with organic tofu and sugar cane.

Since its foundation in 1995, SAONGWON has produced packaged foods such as Korean style pancakes and deep-fried dishes in keeping with the latest trends. It is a global K-Food manufacturer exporting to 20 countries all over the world including the USA, China, and Japan through continuous research. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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