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July 4, 2018

Colored Papers & Glue Stick[INQ. NO. 1806C24] PAPER FOLDING SERIES are a collection of carefully selected art work that children can easily fold paper into the shape of dinosaurs and cute puppies so on. The completed animal can be expressed nicely by attaching decorative stickers. In particular, It consists of 68 pieces of colored paper ranging from double-sided colored to single-colored papers and gold-colored papers as well as animal patterned papers. After folding paper, you can store artworks you made in a transparent box.
NARA GLUE STICK (TRANSPARENT) has outstanding adhesion with small amounts. (higher PVP content than others). The glue is solid and it doesn’t get easily crushed and crumbled. It is clear and transparent without artificial colors and passed strict quality standards in EU and U.S.A (CE and AMCI). It is exported to more than 60 countries around the world.
Established 1972 in Korea, Jong Ie Nara has been producing and supplying high quality colored papers and adhesives such as a glue stick which Jong Ie Nara has exported to over 60 countries with Jong Ie Nara brand and OEM production as well. Jong Ie Nara stands for ‘Paper Land’ in Korean and we have been developing the dreams and talents of children through not only producing the best paper and paper craft related products, but also publishing education books with mission of Jong Ie Nara
‘making a beautiful world together’

Jong Ie Nara also established Paper Culture Foundation and Jong Ie Nara Museum for spreading Korean traditional culture through certifying paper art instructors and exhibiting Korean traditional and contemporary paper arts. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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