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Insecticide & Disinfectant | Korean Products

July 4, 2018

Insecticide & Disinfectant[INQ. NO. 1806C23] Home Power Killer Water Green Kill Aerosol, the company’s flagship product, is made mainly of d-phenothrin that is virtually non-toxic, by using water as the primary solvent instead of petroleum. As the perceptions of individuals toward hygiene and the environment change, this product helps to maintain a pleasant environment through pest control for homes and offices
All GLPHARM products contain permethrin, a suspected cause of endocrine disruption, manufacturing products that meet the safety requirements from consumers while taking into consideration safety and quality.

Established in 2015, GLPHARM Co., Ltd. imports raw materials such as Tetramethrin, Permethrin, d-phenothrin, and Cyphenothrin from China and produces disinfectants such as insecticide, pace, repellent, and pesticide, ethanol, and hydrogen peroxide and supplies to shopping malls, manufacturers, and the Public Procurement Service (PPS). | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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