Cream Soap & Cleanser

Cream Soap & Cleanser[INQ. NO. 1807C02] Mondereve Angel Wash and Clasela Mild Facial Wash have obtained EWG below status 3 for all their materials without adding surfactants and oils and passed a clinical test for non-irritation of the skin. They do not contain the six types of paraben, with no CMIT MIT detected.
This low-irritating pure vegetable cream has excellent detergency and maintains its moisture without irritation after cleansing. Since it is a concentrated cream type, the rich foam is produced even when a small amount is used.
A special manufacturing method is used where plant originating materials are matured for a long period and mixed well, then heating and quick chilling processes are repeated tens of times. With its outstanding cleansing effect, the skin is kept soft after cleansing.
Mondereve Co., Ltd. produces the Mondereve Angel Skin Care and Hydrogen Spa. Meaning “Dream” in French, Mondereve has a butterfly symbol with the meaning, “To fly like a butterfly for anyone who needs beautiful skin. Mondereve’s cosmetics products use fructose and minerals as the main ingredients. It has won the Best Product Award and the Excellent Technology Award at the Seoul Fair in 2013 sponsored by the Seoul Business Agency (SBA), where 1,000 brands participated. It has also acquired safety certification from the FDA. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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