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July 19, 2018

Fine Dust Block Cream[INQ. NO. 1807C17] When ultrafine particles (commonly known as “fine dust”) come in contact with the skin, they penetrate the pores, and these pollutants greatly damage the function of the region in direct contact as a skin barrier. As a result, they cause various skin irritations including atopic dermatitis and allergic diseases.
LAZEALL Skin Dust Protection Cream utilizes a four-step technology to protect the skin from fine dust by significantly reducing the possibility of pollutants penetrating the pores.
LAZEALL Skin Dust Protection Mask is a deep cleansing mask pack designed to remove and absorb fine dust. It is excellent for skin tightening as well as removal of dirt and fine dust from pores. It utilizes a new concept technology that combines a paste type formulation with a mask sheet in which the highly viscous liquid is uniformly applied to the sheet, instead of the conventional essence mask pack filling by applying the characteristics of the powdered raw material to integrate the cosmetic liquid into the product.
Established in 2014, CheongSanE&C Co., Ltd. is an environment-related company specializing in air pollution. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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