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High-Functional Toothpaste | Korean Products

July 19, 2018

High-Functional Toothpaste

Oral health touches every aspect of our lives, but is often taken for granted!

[INQ. NO. 1807C41] According to recent researches, many specialists have found that patients with tooth decay and gum disease have much higher risk of heart and kidney diseases and even diabetes. However, a majority of people still tend to choose the most economic selection of toothpaste even after their serious dentist visits which cost them quite an unexpected fortune. Some might still think having an artificial dentures or implants, or having a serious dental problem only happens to seniors, but in fact, they are getting more common in younger ages as well. People might not have to go to the dentists as often as they might have guessed if they used the proper quality dental hygiene products to begin with.
FINEFRA developed by Jewoo Medical Co., Ltd. is proudly one of the most functional products in Korea that has already demonstrated the effectiveness to prevent plaque, cavity, and gingivitis, therefore reduced the diseases such as tooth decay and periodontitis. Many Korean customers have already experienced such miraculous changes in their teeth and gums, and also surprising freshness that lasts longer inside the mouth even after sleeping.
Having special ingredients such as pure silver, silicon dioxide, propolis, dental type silica, xylitol, sodium mono-fluro phosphate, lavender, rosemary, chitosan, hydroxy-apatite, silver foil, shrubby sophora, licorice, gentiana, sage leaf, mastic tree, aloe vera, eucalyptus, peppermint, cypress tree, FINEFRA is so highly functional that it reduces tartar and plaques, fights germs and bacteria to keep gums healthy, helps to prevent tooth decay and to eliminate foul breath, and strengthens teeth healthy and clean. Also, it forms a medical coating film on a gum, suppresses the reattachment of germ and keep your teeth and gum clean.
It is designed to maximize the ability to inhibit bacteria in the mouth and to maintain antibacterial activity by combining natural ingredients such as natural surfactants with an exclusive technology. Unlike the existing toothpastes that have antimicrobial persistence of about two to four hours after brushing, in the case of FINEFRA, the medicinal coating formed through one brushing lasts for six to eight hours to block the propagation of bacteria. During sleep, in particular, oral secretion is reduced by 15 to 20%, resulting in a significant increase in bacterial activity. FINEFRA hardly causes unpleasant taste in the mouth or less bad breath after sleep, while preventing gum diseases such as periodontitis and gingivitis. It is also effective in relieving swollen gum or pain relief. In addition, it allows a long lasting refreshing feeling and smoothness on the teeth after brushing.
FINEFRA has obtained a patent from Korean Intellectual Property Office and finished FDA registration of the Unites States. Now it is being sold in more than 100 dentistry clinics in Seoul, as well as the big Korean on-line shopping malls such as Coupang and G-market. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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