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July 19, 2018

Multipurpose Hanger[INQ. NO. 1807C11] Smart TOK is a product that can be used as a multipurpose hanger anywhere. In particular, it gives a more comfortable grip when used for a mobile phone. Its usability is extended even more by enhancing the adhesive strength of the surface.
Made of polycarbonate that is 100 times stronger than glass, the IQOS Smartphone Case provides excellent protection and allows expression of the user’s individuality and style. It is the only case in the world that offers full protection for an IQOS, a tobacco heating system, featuring 99.9% protection against drop and shocks. IQOS is available worldwide. Customization, as well as OEM and ODM, are available.
NEXTERR is a trade-based company. Since its establishment in 2014, NEXTERR has expanded its business from import and export further to third-party trade in 2017 while expanding its international logistics system and securing a local logistics office through its branches in the USA, the UK, and Japan. The Chinese branch will be opened in 2018. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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