Industrial Safety Equipment

Industrial Safety Equipment[INQ. NO. 1807C19] MK Goggle is designed to solve the inconvenience of the existing safety goggles that do not offer sufficient protection against moisture, frost, and fine dust. Equipped with a fan motor and ducts, it has a registered patent and utility model. The built-in fans remove fine dust and moisture on the glass caused by air blowing on the lens. MK Goggle features easy cleaning and comes with replaceable lenses in different colors including black, yellow, transparent, etc. and detachable filters under glass.
The existing helmet sunshades are inconvenient to wear and block sunlight. MK Sun Shade is equipped with elastic bands and magnets to minimize such discomfort. It has obtained a patent and a utility model.
Since 2016, MK has been engaged in R&D, manufacture, and distribution of industrial and personal protective equipment (PPE) with registered patents and utility models that can be used conveniently and safely in industrial fields and everyday life. It features a broad sunshade cover and excellent UV protection. Other products produced by MK include MK gas mask, another competitive product. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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