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Korean Wood-Cultivated Ginseng | Korean Products

July 26, 2018

Korean Wood-Cultivated Ginseng[INQ. NO. 1807C24] FAMILAC is a lactic product that can be eaten by the whole family. Lactobacillus, which is the raw material, contains more than 1 billion patent lactic acid bacteria produced by Rochersa, one of the world’s top-three lactic acid bacteria manufacturers. One capsule per day can be taken by having it melt in the mouth. It is favored by children for its excellent palatability.
WooriDo Panax Ginseng has been patented for a drying and preservation technology for the original bulbs (Patent No. 10-1820579). Exported to Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Japan without damaging the ingredients and shape of the premium ginseng, it is highly appreciated by foreign buyers. It has also obtained US FDA certification and Halal certification.
WooriDo Co., Ltd. produces various foods containing genuine wood-cultivated ginseng certified by the Korea Forestry Promotion Institute (KOFPI). It has developed colloidprocessed wood-cultivated ginseng soybean milk as a national research project. In cooperation with BOB SNU, a subsidiary company of Seoul National University Technology Holding Company, the company is developing wood-cultivated ginseng chocolates.
WooriDo has registered a patent for gold-cultivated ginseng processing in 2017 and exported US$ 10,000 worth of products in 2017. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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