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August 16, 2018 Shake Powder is a premium high-quality latte powder made from ingredients produced by the R&D center of Orange People Co., Ltd.
Cupful Shake Powder consists of mascarpone cheese powder, jujube latte powder, and decaffeinated green tea latte powder. It is supplied to large franchise retail stores and department stores in Korea and is exported to China, Singapore, and Malaysia.
Diet DIY Powder is a product that is easy to drink and can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. It is excellent for dieting as well as nutritious, containing 80 to 125cal in one pack of 30g, Consisting of Yogurt Powder, Seven Grain Powder, Chocolate Powder, Squash Powder, Green Tea Powder, it is very popular not only in Korea but also in China.

The pouch and bottle type Diet DIY Powder is designed for losing weight. Bodycut comes in five different flavors and is easy to carry around and drink so it is ideal for busy people who are on diet. As it comes in DIY form, it can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime simply by adding water and shaking it before consumption. Orange People powder products contain no additives or artificial flavoring so it is considered to be a well-being beverage in the market.
Orange People Co., Ltd. specializes in producing premium coffee beans and latte powder with environmentally friendly materials including 20 beverage powders along with stalk coffee with high competitiveness in taste and quality by using the organically produced local raw material. The company also develops and introduces about five new products each year.
Orange People distributes its products to large franchise retailers, department stores and also exports to China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the USA. In particular, it is the first and only company to acquire patents for producing Mascarpone Cheese Powder, Jujube Latte Powder, and Green Tea Latte Powder. With its endless efforts, the company promises to deliver a cup of happiness to you. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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