Velvet Lipstick & Tint

Velvet Lipstick & Tint[INQ. NO. 1808C10] MOART Velvet Lipstick features a very soft texture compared to general matte lipsticks. It is designed to satisfy women who are reluctant to use matte lipsticks because of their dry and stiff feeling.
MOART Velvet Tint is a new form of tint that is more colorful than lipsticks and more sustainable than normal tints. Its velvety texture is smooth and fits quickly. It boasts a high-persistence and high-sensitivity with a dense and rich color. MOART Velvet Tint has been selected as an excellent product in the 2018 Hi Seoul Awards.
Established in 2014, PLACE Co., Ltd. launched the brand MOART in 2016 with the aim to reflect trends in the market. The company is currently preparing to expand to other hue product lines in the near future. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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