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Message Towel & Compressed Towel[INQ. NO. 1809C05] Message & Compressed Towel produced by DOD Inc. is a high-class compressed towel using only 100% cotton finest yarn, not a disposable product for wet tissues or soap. Promotional content can be printed not only on the towel itself but also on the wrapping paper for the towel to multiply the promotional effect. Message & Compressed Towel is a top quality idea product that compresses towels in various shapes and sizes.
DOD Inc. manufactures high-quality towels. Having obtained a factory registration certificate and direct production certificate from the Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business with various production technology and high-quality yarn, DOD is supplying towels and gowns to 200 hotels and resorts. The company is leading the towel and gift market with its superior products.
DOD is materialized the maximum density of towels by using best quality yarns that determine the quality of towel products while focusing on meeting the deadlines and providing high-quality products to customers.
Having more than 300 branches online and offline, this company owns a large number of registered trademarks and patents, running a registered manufacturing facility to ensure the perfect quality of the products. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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