Medical Device for Allergic Rhinitis

Medical Device for Allergic Rhinitis[INQ. NO. 1808C14] EVORAY uses the red light of wavelength 660nm, it is officially authorized by MFDS as apparatus for treatment of rhinitis. (License No. 14-1385). EVORAY provides an excellent treatment effect by applying its own specialized optical technology and a differentiated structure. 1. Fast response to treatment by a light guide of a 0.3cm diameter that delivers light for treatment to a deep diseased area. 2. Treatment of nose and ear simultaneously with its innovative structure that can treat both rhinitis and ear disease together. 3. Innovative design and structure – It does not affect daily life by having to wear it on the face 4. Usable for adults and children – Usable without distinction of age by applying elastic bridge 5. Light! Portable! Easy to use! – Light as 50g, portable and operation is simple.
EVORAY Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of medical optical instruments. The company develops and produces small personal / home medical devices using specialized optical technology and high-efficiency light source. In particular, the designs that maximize user convenience will provide performance and convenience that exceed customer expectations. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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