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All-In-One Kitchen Cooker | Korean Products

September 27, 2018

All-In-One Kitchen Cooker is a multifunctional cooker that combines into one the functions of 12 cooking utensils required in the kitchen. It is a new-concept cooker maximizing a user’s convenience by enabling one to cook any kind of dish in a simple and quick usage.
ALLDA is designed to enable an infinite variety of cooking from simple mixing to grinding, heating, and steam cooking at optimal temperatures (37 to 120 degrees C), speed (40 to 11,000 rpm), and time (max. 100 min) for cooking. It precisely controls the cooking conditions set for each recipe, thereby providing the best cooking quality.
The built-in three-dimensional blade mixes the ingredients well and cooks them evenly without burning while retaining the original taste and flavor of the ingredients. It is also an eco-friendly cookware that maintains a comfortable kitchen environment, prevents air pollution in the kitchen, and suppresses the ambient temperature rises while cooking by reducing the amount of CO2 generated.
First launched in 2017, ALLDA has obtained international certifications including CCC and FCC for overseas exports. In 2018, its exports are expanding to China, Taiwan, Thailand, and India.
Since its inception in 1995, Wordin Co. has produced various precision electronic parts and products based on its one-stop product development system from product design to mold and injection. In 2005, Wordin newly developed a premium home lower-body bathing equipment Since its launch, the company has been recognized as a leader of the domestic health and beauty industry and its products have been exported to the USA, Australia, and Thailand.
In addition, Wordin aims to grow into a comprehensive home appliance manufacturer that leads the well-being life of customers as well as health appliances, based on its various product development capabilities and know-how accumulated over 20 years. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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