Deodorant & Dehumidifier

Deodorant & Dehumidifier[INQ. NO. 1808C14] MASURI is a deodorant and dehumidifier made of silica gel that is widely used in the food and medical industry. It has excellent dehumidifying power twice as high as general industrial dehumidifiers, and excellent deodorizing power to remove sick house syndrome and ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other odor causing substances. MASURI prevents damage to furniture and clothing by not changing into the water even after use. It can be used repeatedly with the automatic humidity control function, removing harmful substance. Using no electric power, it is safe and economical in the way it absorbs and dries naturally.
Desizon Co., Ltd. is a company that researches and manufactures products that manage humidity, odors and harmful substances in daily living space. DESIZONs leading brand MASURI is a deodorization dehumidifier brand that can be used repeatedly throughout the year. It is a product developed to eliminate the unpleasantness of moisture, odors, etc. in daily life, making your day refreshing like magic | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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