Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Multi-Purpose Cleaner interest in skin health has increased recently, environmentally friendly detergents are in greater demand. There are also growing concerns among parents of children with sensitive skin about finding safer products at home.
AQUANAX is a HIT500 Product selected by the Small & Medium Business Corporation. Under the slogan, “Remove Dirt With Water,” AQUANAX is an environmentally friendly sterilizing detergent made from electrolytic alkaline electrolyzed from water. Made from water, it has no odor, no skin irritation, and contains no surfactants or chemicals, so it can be sterilized, cleaned and deodorized without harming humans or nature.
AQUANAX can be used safely in sanitary and safety sensitive areas such as fruit washing, cleaning of baby products, refrigerator cleaning, and kitchen cleaning. It has sterilization ability and is good for cutting boards.
Established in 2012, KAN manufactures AQUANAX, an eco-friendly detergent deodorant based on water. It products are currently exported to France, China, Hong Kong, Australia, etc. The company also provides OEM services. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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