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September 27, 2018

PVC & Synthetic Leather

http://korean-products.com/inquiryTo produce good furniture, it is necessary to use good materials. SOFFKIN, high-quality synthetic leather, features the natural beauty of soft and clean gloss, with its luxurious leather feel, the culmination of the company’s accumulated experience and technology for more than 20 years.
SOFFKIN produces eco-friendly products made with globally recognized eco-friendly raw materials. Having obtained several green certificates, it has a natural leather-like touch and has more than 1, 000 embossed patterns that can be applied to furniture, vessels, bags, and automotive seats, as well as door trims and console boxes. It is a premium product with qualities that cannot be seen in other materials for its various features such as elasticity, surface touch, embossing, and color. This synthetic leather has different levels of practicality, functionality, and design. It continues to grow by entering the USA and Asian export market as a sofa and automotive seat fabric for home and office furniture. Made of natural leather with a soft and clean gloss, SOFFKIN has better quality than natural leather in properties such as abrasion resistance, surface strength, and tensile strength. In addition, environmentally harmful substances are minimized to reduce odor and to be eco-friendly. It is certified by some of the most demanding international certification bodies such as the FITI and SGS for being flame-resistant, antibacterial function, cold-resistance, abrasion resistance, and conductivity.
I&S Co., Ltd. is a pioneering manufacturer of PVC casting leather with globally proven eco-friendly raw materials for furniture, bags, automotive seats, and marine interiors in Korea. The company is actively engaged in producing and studying eco-friendly products that will contribute to the improvement of human life.

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