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Wash-Off Face Mask Exfoliator | Korean Products

September 27, 2018

Wash-Off Face Mask Exfoliator Fruity Triple Set (Half Moon Eyes) contains dragon fruit extract, an internationally patented ingredient that completely removes sebum and impurities, and tightens pores. Dragon fruits are known as oases in the deserts due to their high volume of moisture. So the skin will be hydrated enough after cleansing. Dragon fruit’s exfoliating capsule takes care of the dead skin cells with micro-exfoliating particles
With the incredibly refreshing scent of dragon fruit, it can be applied on the skin thickly and smoothly without irritation. It is effective for pore and sebum control, where the dragon fruit capsules act as exfoliates and take care of the dead skin cells.
With Pink Fruity Triple Set (Half Moon Eyes), one can experience eight different functions from one face mask-pore tightening, cooling effect, texture care, hydration, nourishment, moisturization, exfoliation, sebum removal.
Founded in 2015, and Xian Company Inc. provides ODM services for product development, and container, design in the cosmetic fields. The company continuously conducts R&D for products based on new concepts, proper effective values, and rational approaches.
Xian Company seeks to develop beauty products that enrich the lives of women by helping them to select the best-suited products for them. The core value of the Half Moon Eyes brand is focused on discovering the uniqueness of each customer, further helping to bring out the natural glow of their faces. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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