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October 4, 2018

DIY Hair Dye Product you ever colored your hair with Pudding? eZn Shaking Pudding Hair Color is a Do-it-yourself permanent hair dye product featuring an innovative new pudding (water-jelly) hair dye formula. Mix two liquids into the container and give it a good shake. Once you open up, you will find a bouncy colorful pudding. This water-jelly pudding texture allows the dye to permeate deep inside the hair and glides easily on the hair shaft, making hair coloring especially easy for consumers with long hair. One of its convenient features is that there is no brush needed, just use the gloves that come with the box and scoop up the pudding and start coloring!
eZn Shaking Pudding Hair Color has 21 color options. From gray coverage colors, fashion colors, Ash colors, to Smoky Ash colors, Pudding hair color makes sure to reflect the latest hair color trends for the consumers. eZn’s own patent technology of UV Protection ingredient also protects your hair color from fading under a sun exposure. With natural derivative ingredients including five essential oils and plant extract ingredients, the product reduces the hair damage and protects the scalp from irritating sensations.
Since its first launch at Olive Young in 2014, eZn Shaking Pudding Hair Color sold over 800,000 units in the first year, gaining recognition as one of the trend leading products in the self-hair dye market.
Dong sung Bio Pharm. Co., Ltd. is a pharmaceutical company that has built a strong and long-lasting relationship with the consumers for the past 61 years. Its’ main business includes manufacturing and sales of medicine, cosmetics, hair dye, household products, and medical devices. The corporate motto is “Health from Nature, Beauty from Nature. Dong Sung Bio Pharm has a unique position as a pharmaceutical company to have 50% market share in the domestic do-it-yourself hair dye industry. Dong Sung’s such expertise led to the OEM business with companies such as, Revlon, Amway, and Manuka Doctor. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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