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Non-Stick Coating Agents | Korean Products

October 4, 2018

Non-Stick Coating Agents and electronic communication equipment is composed of a complex of electronic devices such as precision circuits and highly integrated semiconductors. When conductive or combustible dust or pollutant accumulates on the surface of semiconductor and charging parts, malfunctions and short failures occur.
Temperature control is important because the machine room is equipped with temperature-sensitive components such as motors and inverters at 40 dgrees C and high humidity. In particular, when dust or the like is adsorbed in the semiconductor element of the control panel, malfunction due to static electricity or the like may occur due to high temperature. Therefore, it is important to remove regular dust by using a dust-only non-stick coating.
NWK850H is acertified product to prevent disasters that can extinguish a fire in case of electric fire such as spark or arc. It features no flammability and can be extinguished in case of electric fire. It causes no damage to electronic components. The PCB and the mounted electronic components are also free from damage. By neutralizing the electrostatic particles, there is no damage caused by static electricity or noise generated when using an air compressor and vacuum cleaner.
NWK870N is an energy saving, non-stick, and anti-stain coating for exterior glasses. Using the pencil scratch method in accordance with Scratch Hardness is 6 H to 7H, surpassing tint films which range from 3~4H. It is able to self-level evenly on glass surfaces of any position with little effects on gravity. The selfleveling process occurs during the first five minutes after it has been applied. Whether applied on a glass ceiling or wall, its performance remains the same.
The use of nano-sized ingredients are naturally clear and non-effective. The coat also smoothens the surface by filling up micro size pits and unevenness, enhancing the glass clarity further.
NAEWOIKOREA Co., Ltd. produces mainly non-stick coating for electric distribution panels, control boxes, cable distribution panels, insulation coating, and self-cleaning for glass, moisture control, anti-flame and deodorization of paint. Its products have been exported to 57 countries since 2001. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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