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October 4, 2018

Premium Baby Mat & Bumper Bed[INQ. NO. 1809C08] Snow Palette Free is a baby mat designed to overcome the disadvantages of the conventional fourfold folder mats. Having no gap on the top of the mat, it is easy to clean and use. Launched on the basis of continuous interest in consumers’ needs for playroom mats, Snow Palette Free has been steadily popular, recording a sell-out within four hours after its first launch.
Inua Bumper Bed is widely recognized as a necessity item for sleep training by providing warm and comfortable sleep for babies. It can be used not only as a sleeping space for children but also as a room and playmat for a baby. Inua Bumper Bed is one of the most sought-after products of Creamhaus Friends Co., Ltd., the manufacturer. Coming in a practical size, it can be used by babies as young as newborn to elementary schoolers with up to 150 cm height, providing independent space for them.
Ice Castle can be used for various purposes including as a bumper bed for a newborn to bumper mats, infant sofas, ball pools, and playmats. It has been developed to overcome the disadvantages of the existing baby beds that are used for a short time as children grow and then likely to be set aside. Popular as a multi-nursing item, Ice Castle can also be used as a shock absorbing play mat to prevent noise.
Creamhaus Friends Co., Ltd. is a baby products brand. Under the slogan “For Little Dreamers,” the company started as a premium baby mat manufacturer in 2012.
It is based on 100% domestic production by using premium materials in principle, under a strict and thorough inspection system to manufacture safe and modern and unique products. Creamhaus Friends has also acquired essential safety certifications at home and abroad and has obtained Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I, the world’s top textile safety certification. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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