Stylish Eyeglasses

Stylish Eyeglasses Snap Shades ™ is a patented clip-type eyewear that magnetically snaps onto the frame of the spectacles, latches onto the nose bridge, and covers the entire top of the eyewear, making it perfect as both sunglasses and regular prescription glasses.
Taking great pride in its quality, finishing, and various styles for adults and kids, TARA is catching the attention of many optical shops not only in East Asia but also in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE, Kuwait, and Oman.
Buyers have often commented that the ultra-lightweight and flexible ULTEM plastic material used for its frames make it extra comfortable for their customers. And with TARA Snap Shades ™, customers no longer have to choose one set of prescription sunglasses to match every occasion. As a brand, TARA is accomplishing its goal to be a part of the “Korean wave” that is bridging cultures and bringing people together from across the world.
Since its beginning in 2001, MENA Glocal has been engaged in a variety of business activities in the Middle East, including supplying medical devices and physiotherapy equipment to hospitals and individuals mainly in Saudi Arabia among other GCC nations. After it launched its optical line under the brand, TARA Eyewear, they immediately began to export to the Middle East market where the demand for sunglasses is high not only due to the strong year-round sunlight, but due to heightened interest in trendy fashion and the popularity of Korean Pop culture, media, and fashion.
Sado Park, CEO of TARA Eyewear Brand first wore spectacles when he was 13 years old and he thus understands from firsthand experience what it is like to wear glasses. But during all those years living in a very hot and sunny place, he longed to wear fashionable sunglasses but could not do so, since he wore regular glasses. The only option available for him was wearing one-size-fits-all, ugly, low-quality clip-ons that his uncle had given him. Therefore, along with the medical business, MENA Glocal, expanded to optical products by launching the TARA Eyewear brand, now famous for their Snap Shades magnetic clip-on collection. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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