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October 11, 2018

Anti-Static & Earthing Pad Green Earthing Therapy Kit is a health functional product for preventing electromagnetic wave and earthing therapy developed by three teams of professional designers in Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea. Offering a wide choice of selections with four different colors, it includes an easy-to-carry pouch and transforms any space such as offices, libraries, and cafes to be perfect for earthing therapy anytime and anywhere.
This product provides the effect of electromagnetic shielding and earthing therapy when used on a desk, cushion, or sofa, in a living room and as a pillow top or a foot pad. The earthing effect blocks the electromagnetic waves and removes the elevated potential on the body due to the absorption of electromagnetic waves, providing excellent natural therapies for melatonin generation, inflammation relief, vitality enhancement, blood circulation improvement, and fatigue recovery. In particular, Shield Green’s unique earthing holder allows an earthing effect for both the entire body and parts of the body, which makes it different from other earthing products produced in advanced countries.
The earthing holder in the package is a core product designed for site-specific intensive earthing. It can be used for massage purposes by holding it with a hand or rubbing on the skin. Unlike other metal plating products, Shield Green’s eco-friendly earthing and electromagnetic shielding materials are easily washed and free from metal contamination caused by fine metal dust entering the body from washing and friction, and it has no metal allergens.
This product is recommended for professionals and office workers who are constantly exposed to electromagnetic waves, pregnant women who are sensitive to electromagnetic waves, insomnia patients, those who are in need of blood circulation improvement, students suffering from fatigue, and as a gift to parents.
ShieldGreen specializes in producing materials and clothing equipped with electromagnetic shielding and easing therapy effects to provide eradication of erythrocyte aggregation by eliminating raised effects on the body caused by electromagnetic waves as well as providing electromagnetic measurement and consulting. ShieldGreen pursues a healthier life with the creation of a safe electromagnetic environment and earthing effect.
The company is currently preparing for the Dream House projects in Singapore and Malaysia. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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