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October 18, 2018

Cosmetic Packaging & Plastic Pump Beauty is an external (UF8A-42H) ball/plate valve-type foaming pump with domestic and foreign patents. This is a unique product globally with superior competitiveness because it is eco-friendly as the contents do not contact the spring and there is little change in the properties of the contents. In particular, the 3-mesh foaming pump (UF8T-42H) of this new product has the characteristic of making the bubble texture richer and denser than the conventional foaming pumps by passing the contents through the 3-mesh netting. Also, the foaming applicator product like UF8M-42, UF8P-42, UF8Q-42, UF8L-42, UF8N-42, etc. has a special advantage of being able to handle two functions in one package by adding the tool (applicator ) to general foaming pumps. There are five versions of this applicator which can be applied to the hair, face, and for body care, etc.
Apollo Beauty Mist Pump has various sizes of products applicable from 15ml, and the discharge volume can be controlled from 0.05cc to 0.2cc. In particular, the product for fine mist is a spray-type mist pump used for spraying fine and soft particles. As it is optimized for the products for face and body care, the customers show high level of satisfaction. The mist product is our single item of which the export volume is the largest, especially favored in the United States.
The patented outer-spring foaming pump (UF8A-42H) technology protects the clients formula. This foaming pump is designed to avoid contact with spring or any other metal components to prevent any chemical reaction. In addition, 3 mesh foaming pump (UF8T-42H) , an upgrade version of standard foaming pump, has an additional mesh filter at the end of the nozzle tip to enhancs the quality of the foam. The product also offers application tools including UF8M-42, UF8P-42, UF8Q-42, UF8L-42, and UF8N-42 for foaming pump, along with five different types of applicator designed for face, body, and hair care products.
Since 1976, PNC Co., Ltd. has been pursuing to be a world leading cosmetic and personal care company with continuous product innovations and sustainability, helping consumers flourish where they live and work. The company offers a wide range of packaging solutions from conception to production. Equipped with talented designers and highly experienced engineers, the company provides designs, R&D services, molding, production, logistics, as well as QC and QA. All of its works and facilities are certified by SGS in ISO9001, IS014001, ISO22716 and ISO15378. With full range of decoration capabilities with selected partners, PNC offers packaging solutions with various products in dispensing pump, foaming pump, mist spray, trigger spray, jar, airless products, and bottles. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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