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October 18, 2018

Dishwasher Detergent and Macs-Q are solid detergents and highly enriched conditioners for dishwashers for commercial use, which can be used in volume and capacity of about 1/4 of conventional products for the same effect. Therefore, they are highly convenient and stable for use and storage. As they deliver effective cleaning performance with only a small amount, the products are very economical and have thus brought innovation to the kitchen. In addition, they are safe products having obtained eco-friendly certification as they contain no caustic soda and phosphate. In particular, Macs-M is a solid dishwasher detergent that has passed the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) safety test for the first time in the world.
MacS-Q is a highly-concentrated rinsing cleanser that removes ail water-drop marks, facilitates drying and offers disinfection and shine on utensils.
Macs-M and Macs-Q have been recognized for 25 years for performance and quality in the demanding Japanese market. In addition, as they were recognized for quality excellence at all food and beverage outlets of Korea’s biggest resort, the company’s solid detergents and highly enriched conditioner have been used for four years, surpassing foreign famous brand products.
MIAMOOLSAN specializes in manufacturing ecofriendly and high-tech detergents, including highlyconcentrated solid detergents and cleaners. Established in 1969, MIAMOOLSAN founded its Detergent Business Department aimed at the Japanese market. After successfully launching its powder detergent sales for automated dishwashers used in stores in 1992, the company has competed development of various kinds of solid detergents (sodium triphosphate (STPP)-free, STPPcontained, metal, neutral, etc.), while supplying and selling thousands of tons of solid detergents for dishwashers per year to each region of Japan until now.
Building on its accumulated know-hows, the company, with its product safety and affordability recognized in the Japanese market, is now aggressively introducing and selling its diverse products in the domestic market and the Chinese market since October 2013 instead of selling them exclusively in Japan from between 1992 and 2013.
MIAMOOLSAN is now capable of manufacturing solid detergents by 250 tons per month, presoak detergent by 100 tons per month and rinsing cleanser by 100 tons per month in its own plant located in Gyeonggi Province from its initial capacity of manufacturing 20 tons of powder detergent per month. Also as a global leader in high technology and environmental friendliness producing highly concentrated solid detergents and other various kinds of detergents, we will continue to develop a wide range of the best quality products to satisfy our customers and gain their trust. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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