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October 18, 2018

Seasoned Seaweed & Laver Snack Korean seaweed snack is delicious and favored by overseas buyers, it also has various shortcomings such as uneven thickness and taste, difficulty in storage, etc. The products developed newly after complementing such shortcomings are the seaweed snacks, namely Dodori and Doldori.
Dodori is a traditional Korean snack made by applying the glue made of sticky rice and grain on one side of the seaweed, overlapping two sheets and drying, and then frying it. Doldori is a product made by applying the glue on one side of the seaweed, drying and then frying it. As both products are crispy and savory, they are good as an accompaniment to wine as well as being a nutritious snack, targeting various ages with variety of flavors, such as that of wasabi, honey butter, hot spice, cheese, etc. It is quite portable and low-calorie, as well as having a crispy and savory texture, thereby favored by people regardless of gender or age.
Doldori is a laver snack produced via automated processes and mass production systems to reduce labor costs and ensure price competitiveness. Consisting of four flavors of wasabi, honey butter, hot spice and cheese, it is a traditional Korean food produced by drying laver twice to improve the softness and crispness of laver. Such special treatment prevents any oily smell and ones hands from getting stained with oil. Its shelf life is as long as one year. Doldori is also a gluten-free certified and non-GMO product.
HUMANWELL, a company producing seasoned seaweed, laver snack, and other laver products, focuses on producing seaweed for dried seaweed rolls (Gimbap), seaweed snack, etc. as well as the seasoned seaweed. Established in 2000, HUMANWELL developed and applied for a patent for well-being seaweed (Hong􀀀Ki containing red ginseng and chitosan) in 2005 under the banner of Contributing to Creation of Healthy and Longevity Society through Improvement of Peoples Eating Habits. In order to grow into a global company, HUMANWELL has developed and released the seasoned seaweed containing red ginseng, chitosan, green tea, salicomia herbacea and mushroom and kimchi- and wasabi-flavored seaweed which are favorite foods and developed the traditional Korean snack (seaweed snack) to suit the taste of modern people.
Having devoted itself to the development of laver snacks, HUMANWELL has steadily upgraded its production line, expanded its automation system and mass production facilities, and improved production efficiency and price competitiveness. The company has obtained ISO22000, FSSC22000, and Gluten-free certification to give trust to its customers and is currently in the process of acquiring Halal certification. After initially exporting $250,000 of its product in 2012, HUMANWELL grew into an enterprise with sales of US$1.5 million in 2015. HUMANWELLss products are exported to 11 countries including Hong Kong, the USA, Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Canada. And the company has concluded export contracts with seven countries including the USA, Taiwan, China, Singapore and Thailand, and is preparing for exporting to North America and Europe. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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