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October 25, 2018

Fire-Resistant Fabrics & Garments is a fire-resistant product for the safety and protection from dangers such as fire and electric shock for high-risk workers including oil and gas, electric, firehouse, petro chemical workers and rescue teams.
INFINITAE is a product that has been certified by UL in the USA and CE in Europe and has undergone quality control through lab tests and batch system to meet international safety standards. The finished garments with the quality and safety have been supplied to the Middle East oil-producing countries and fire departments for many years.
New product lines are continuously developed through active R&D activities and unrivaled technology by applying for numerous patents.
Taesan Industrial Corporation was established in 2005 as a professional manufacturer and exporter of textiles, general uniforms, special uniforms, industrial safety uniforms and devices and military uniforms and military equipment In particular, the company is a non-combustible unifo#manufacturer that produces and supplies fireresistant uniforms for high-risk workers in hazardous areas such as the oil and gas industry, fire stations and electrical companies.
The company specializes in spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing, printing and sewing facilities using flame retardant materials such as meta-aramid, para-aramid and FR Rayon and others. These materials are used for fire-resistant clothing and fire fighting uniforms for workers in the oil and gas industry. The quality recognition is very high based on excellence.
Based on its long experience and technology, the company has been establishing a leading position in the safety protective clothing market, carrying out R&D activities to enhance the safety, comfort, and activity of consumers through continuous fabric development, material development, and design development. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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