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Dropper & Powder Spray | Korean Products

October 31, 2018

Dropper & Powder Spray the cosmetics market, the dropper is a product appropriate for the luxurious contents and functionality.
YONWOO’s ample dropper is a next-generation dropper product that can be used easily without separate contents loading process by positioning the contents within the pipette through the conceptual change from the conventional classic droppers. As for the method of use, the cap should be opened by turning the screw cap on the bottom and press the upper soft rubber to apply the contents to the desired position. This is a product also added with an interesting visual element for you to check the content flowing through a transparent pipette when using it. The content of this product is 10ml, and it can be applied to spot care products such as premium ampoules and essences of minimal size and is also suitable for the products of cosmeceutical image. It also can be applied to the composition of travel kits or ampoule kits and is highly popular now with its luxurious but simple image.
In recent years, while releases of special care products such as ampoule and spot products have been increasing conspicuously, the differentiated ampoule dropper is an attractive product that suffers nothing by comparison with other products as the next-generation ampoule container.
Powder Spray is a product that sprays fine powders evenly through simple pumping. It is a compact product of 30ml and has solved the limitation of using the remaining powder product by tipping the container and sprinkling the contents.
YONWOO’s Powder Spray is applicable to the dry shampoo which has recently become a big item and also can be applied to the cosmetics that were difficult to apply, such as face pearl powder, powder deodorant and shoe deodorizer, and the environment that is close to life. In many cases, sprays tend to adopt aerosol products that have the characteristics of spraying the contents easily. However, usage of CFC (chlorofluorocarbon), which has been used as the propellants in the aerosol products, tends to be avoided after it was found to be the main cause of ozone depletion. In addition, it is confirmed that most of the charging gases used as the propellants are flammable, which can lead to fire or explosion even with minor negligence. However, YONWOO’s Powder Spray can spray powder without gas thanks to the special design of the container. As it does not pollute the environment and there is no risk at all, it is applicable to various powder products.
YONWOO Co., Ltd. was established in 1983 as a manufacturer that specializes in packaging materials for cosmetic and personal care products. Over 40 companies in the 100 world best cosmetic companies are provided with our products and all of the 10 best cosmetic companies in the world are our customers. YONWOO is the first company that was awarded the 50 million export award in the same line of business in Korea. The company has also kept the top place cosmetic packaging manufacturer in Korea. YONWOO is becoming a premier global packaging company through radical quality control and pioneering a new market. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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