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October 31, 2018

Innovative Functional Shoes SYNC III GTX is functional shoes equipped with soles made by adopting Independent Suspension Technology (IST) used for the suspension of automobiles to absorb external shocks and vibrations, keeping balance on asphalt roads, gravels, and rocky or unpaved roads.
Depending on the obstacle on the ground, the cushion sensors of the shoe sole move independently up and down to ease the impact on the body to a minimum and balance with the ground to provide a stable walking feeling.
The SYNC III GTX is made by using NesFIT, the manufacturer’s signature technology based on the collected data from 3D scanning and analysis of 20,000-foot shapes, to provide a feeling as if walking on bare feet. It reduces pressure on the foot by 23% when compared to conventional shoes and reduces muscle fatigue by 31%, thereby minimizing stress on the feet. The SYNC III GTX is designed in a three-dimensional design reflecting the natural curves and the contours of the human foot to give the best possible comfort to its 26 bones and 33 joints.
SYNC III GTX also uses Goretex, a water-resistant and moisture-permeable material, to expel sweat in the form of water vapor and protect it from moisture such as rain or snow. This highly waterproof, windproof, breathable, and durable material protects the body from water, wind, sweat, and cold in any environment and maintains a pleasant condition.
Treksta is a shoe manufacturer that produces outdoor footwear by using innovative technologies, in pursuit of providing shoes that best fit the human feet. Over the years, the company has utilized proprietary technologies such as IceLock and HYPERGRIP® from trusted companies such as GORE-TEX® and Boa® to add a long-lasting functionality to its products. The exclusive nestFIT technology, found in every Treksta shoe, provides a natural comfort to the toes, heels, and arches. The shoes of Treksta not only look different but also feel different. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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