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October 31, 2018

Wigs & Hair Accessories

http://korean-products.com/inquiryFEATHERLINE, created with the Micro Thin Weft technology which is a handmade system using a cutting-edge robot, is a product that can realize more complete naturalness as well as convenient and short procedure time by connecting the customer’s own hair and wig with a very small micro-ring of 2mm without separate using adhesives. As the diameter of the ring used is about 1mm and the thickness of the weft 1mm, which are one-fourth and onethird of the products in the market, respectively, the company is proud of its products competitiveness.
This product can be attached without using an adhesive thanks to the tiny 2mm micro-rings It can also be customized for hair color, length, and even portion of gray hair to customer prefers. NEXART Hair is functional artificial hair that has maximized the merits of human hair and artificial hair by reproducing even the cuticle layers of hair. As the style is maintained due to strong heat resistance, style management is easy. In addition, it is possible to create a delicate and natural style as various colors can be realized.
Also the 3D SCANNER SYSTEM, the Three-Dimensional Head Scanning System, was jointly developed with Seoul National University industry-university cooperation venture in 2001, and patented technology owned only by Hi-MO in the wig industry. It is possible to manufacture a high-quality wig by accurately measuring the customers head and hair loss progress and entering the information into the data. In addition, Hi- MO released a portable version for the user to carry the product easily.
NEXART Hair maintins a style perfect in any circumstances, by using the innovative SMT (Style Memory Technology) technology. It is natural and less shiny than any other artificial fiber with its cuticle layers similar to human hair. NEXART Hair also uses the Hi-MO RC hair technology, dying the knot portion of with the color close to the scalp, to hide the knot point and expresses a natural look of hairs. The general thickness of hair is 0.075mm. However, Super Baby Hair is 0.045- 0.06mm and even has cuticle. It finalizes the most natural look of the
Based on possession of new material yarn and various patented technologies, HIMO Inc. produces world-class wig products ranging from ready-made wigs to customized wigs. Since taking the first step as a specialized wig manufacturer in 1987, HIMO Inc. has been growing ceaselessly as the leader of customized wigs in Korea through continuous investment in R&D, internationalization of production bases and establishment of a global marketing network. Hi-Mo Inc., with Hi-MO, the science-breathing hairs as its slogan, is striving to actualize the collective wishes of humankind for creating charm and beauty through development of the cutting-edge new technology and new materials such as a 3D scanner system and NEXART Hair (shape-memory hair).

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