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November 8, 2018

Wood Products & Synthetic Resin


ABS Door

ABS Door is very durable and has high resistance against wind and moisture. The door frame is made by using PVC material that is highly resistant to moisture, causing no deformation or distortion. The inside of the door is built with a honeycomb system to create a strong hold and prevent warpage. The door surface is made with ABS panel, thus requiring no painting, and has excellent durability, impact resistance, tensile strength, and beautiful appearance. It is also more durable and resistant to moisture than general wood doors and can be used semi-permanently after installation.


Deco Molding

The core ingredient of Deco Molding is polystyrene with the shape formed through the extrusion of polystyrene extruded through a metal mold and covered with different patterned sheets as finishing, allowing a delicate expression. Deco Molding features strong resistance to moisture.


Style Wall

Using EO-grade environmentally friendly wood material HDF, Style Wall enables colorful expressions with delicate designs to create a sensual and classy space. It is processed by using the LPM (Low-Pressure Melamine) method with an eco-friendly German-imported sheet containing few heavy metals. Style Wall features designs like stone products and a luxurious surface finish with embossed living. In addition, it has excellent surface durability, and is resistant to abrasion, contamination, and scratching, and is easy to maintain.


Interior Film

Interior Film can be easily installed on a deco sheet by using adhesives. Coming in various colors and patterns and can be used in a variety of different settings, it is excellent as an alternative to existing wallpaper, veneer, and paint. Interior Film lasts for along time by one installation and can be easily repaired in case of defects.


PVC Sash

Compared to other sashes, PVC Sash holds a strong insulation system and is highly resistant to wind. A wide variety of colors and patterns can be used for the surface of the sashes.
Since its establishment in 1984, Younglim Forestry Co., Ltd. has been producing interior interiors for more than 30 years and has grown steadily on the basis of steady R&D, customer satisfaction management and honest corporate philosophy. The company also produces moldings, doors, frames, walls, ceilings and bathroom products.

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