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November 19, 2018 Everyday Extract Series is a premium healthy Omija extract range of blended products.


Omi-Five Senses

This product offers a simple pleasure with an optimum taste and a unique aroma of Omija. It can be served in different ways according to one’s preference by mixing it with various drinks such as sparkling water, milk, alcohol, and hot or cold water for tea. It is also popular for being included in various homemade recipes such as salad dressing, fruit punch, and meat or fish sauce.



Made by blending Omija, lemon, and lime, this product makes one’s body feel light and refreshed.



Blended with Omija with pear, ginger, and balloon flower root, this product keeps the lungs healthy and improves the respiratory system. Both Omi-Detox and Omi -Breath have a rich and high content of Omija extract mixed with carefully chosen ingredients, allowing customers to savor every sip of the drink, giving them a healthy feeling.


OMI Premium Juice

With no sugar, artificial color, or artificial flavors added, the OMI Premium juice series consists of five flavors including Omija, Omija with mango, Omija with pineapple, Omija with watermelon, and Omijaa with pear. Using only high-quality Omija extract, this series is enjoyable and great to quench one’s thirst, while providing a healthier feeling.
MunKyeong Omija Valley Corporation has been supplying quality products and striving to become a worldwide exporter through its exclusive Omija products. The company provides various Omija products through ceaseless research and studies in Munkyeong, the main region growing more than 45% of Korean Omija, are supplied. Having exported Omija products to the USA, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other countries, MunKyeong Omija Valley Corporation has been recognized as one of the finest producers of processed foods. It received the Small and Medium Business HIT500, the Innovation award from SIAL Canada, SIAL China, SIAL Abu Dhabi, and the Dubai Gulfood Highly Commended Award.
In 2016, Korean Starbucks launched its summer new special drink, “Mungyeong Omija Fijio” by supplying its main ingredient, Omija Cheong, to Korean Starbucks. “Mungyeong Omija Fijio” won the Korea Best New Product Award in 2016. In addition, its new product Omija Redcho earned two Golden stars from ITQI in 2016 and won the beverage award at the Seoul International Food Exhibition for dessert. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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