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November 20, 2018

Health & Functional Foods is made of brown rice as the main ingredient, by mix-fermenting rice bran and brown rice in a ratio of 4: 6, allowing consumers to effectively ingest a large number of brown rice nutrients. A combined fermentation technology is used to ferment rice bran and brown rice into lactic acid bacteria and Aspergillus oryzae to help modern people improve their health, maintain physical strength, and improve their constitution and nutrition.



The HISAENG Powder is a powdered type product that can be easily consumed by customers who have difficulty in taking pill type products such as children and the elderly.


Red Ginseng HISAENG

The healthy functional food Red Ginseng HISAENG containing 30% of six-year-old Korean red ginseng is compounded with optimum fermentation efficiency by using Aspergillus oryzae and probiotic powder to facilitate absorption of saponin ingredient. Containing more than 3.5mg/g of ginseng ingredients including Ginsenosides Rgl, Rbl, and Rg3, it is effective for improvement of immunity and blood circulation, relief of fatigue, memory enhancement, through inhibition of platelet aggregation and antioxidation.


HISAENG Morak Morak

HISAENG Morak Morak is a health functional food rich in vitamin B6 and zinc. Containing black bean powder, L-cystine, it helps to improve hair health. Vitamin B6 helps protein and amino acid metabolism by producing new proteins, and zinc plays an important role in growth as an integral part of the enzyme system that affects cell division and proliferation. In addition, it is also effective for health promotion and nutritional supplementation with raw materials such as brown rice, rice gangue, and angelica produced in Korea.
HIMO Inc. was established in 1987 as Korea’s representative wig manufacturer. In 2010, it established its Natural Health Business Division to become a total healthcare company by adding the value of health to its existing reputation. The company has launched a fermented rice enzyme food product HISAENG in 2013 after a long period of research and development together with leading researchers in Korea, receiving good responses in the health food market by introducing Red Ginseng HISAENG, HISAENG Morak Morak, and HISAENG Powder, In addition, HIMO Inc. uses only certified non-pesticide raw materials under strict inspection standards, by not allowing unauthorized raw materials to be brought into its production facilities. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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