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November 28, 2018

Ampule & Skincare Products


Equipped with a variety of functions including firming, clarification, sebum control, moisturization, pore control, and brightening of the skin, AmpulogyE01 can be used by mixing with any cosmetics such as creams, moisturizers, toners, and BB creams. In particular, their ampules contain a patented complex of EWG grade natural ingredients.
This personalizable and customizable skincare product is simple to use, highly concentrated with the fast result, and mixable with various skin care products as creams, lotions, and moisturizers.
It has been selected as the most innovative beauty company, and received the Hi-Seoul good products award and HIT500 in 2018. It enjoys positive market response and reputation in Korea’s specialty salons and clinics.
By using AmpulogyE01, the cost of daily use has dramatically dropped by triple concentration.

Skin Message Cleansing Water

This product offers freedom from removing make-up after coming home or rinsing off after removing make-up, by containing the least amount of surfactant that is widely used in soaps for removing make-up. With Skin Message Cleansing Water, one does not need to rinse after removing make-up.
Using only mild and safe ingredients of EWG green grade, it does not cause skin irritation and offers an upgraded cleansing power by using seaweeds produced on Jeju island and high-end fermentation technology. Oil-free, Skin Message Cleansing Water requires rinsing off after using it.
Skin Message Cleansing Water received the Hi-Seoul good products award and HIT500 in 2018.
Bizinone Inc. is one of the most innovative beauty companies in Korea. It has Skinmessage Inc. as a sister company for overseas K-beauty marketing and sales. It owns several specialty beauty brands registered as Ampulogy, Skinmessage, and A:N.
Since Bizinone started as aN online base data service company, it has also developed competencies in big data, AI, chat bot and machine-learning technology. Bizinones vision is providing people with the most effective and sustainable beauty solutions by accumulating insights and integrating data from the personal skin, skin care products, cosmetic ingredients, and market trends.
The company has received awards as the most innovative beauty company in Korea in 2018. Ampulogy, personalizable skincare solution brand, has been listed among Korea’s hit 500 products and won Hi-Seoul Good Product Award. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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