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Innovative Kitchenware | Korean Products

November 28, 2018

Innovative Kitchenware Save Cutting Board is a patented functional cutting board designed to free housewives from hassles in the kitchen. Thanks to the groove in its rim, even when cutt ing kimchi or fruit, the liquid or juice does not flow onto the floor. In addition, it is wider with a small storage section to help organize and transport the chopped material. Compared to existing boards on the market, it is lightweight yet highly durable. Equipped with a silicone packing on the back, it does not slip. It also has gradations added, enabling one to cut the material evenly.
With its heat-resistant temperature of 120 degrees, Double Save Cutting Board can be used for disinfection of boiling pot or dishwasher, allowing thorough hygiene. It is certified by KCL in Korea, FDA in the USA, BPA FREE in Switz erland, and LFGB in Germany.
Double Save Cutting Board S can be used for large families or general households because of its large size. Double Save Cutting Board D is medium size, and thus suitable for single or two-member households.
RRE is an eco-friendly product that helps reduce the use of plastic bags and the generation of food waste. The heatresistant temperature test was passed at 98 degrees and the durability and sealing power was also strengthened, so the food and liquid did not leak thanks to the unbreakable durability and the double-structure lid.
When you press the bott om of the container, the material can be easily removed, thus allowing one to take out materials such as seasonings and baby food directly. Since the volume is marked on the container, there is no need for separate weighing. The separate lid allows for hygienic storing.
RRE is composed of RRE and RRE mini, plus, and big, depending on size and usage. This product has also been certified by KCL, UL, and BPA FREE.
JMGREEN specializes in the development of products to help overcome inconveniences in life, developing innovative kitchenware such as frozen seasoning containers, while pioneering new markets with advanced technology.
JMGREEN is a company founded by Lee Jung-mi, who has developed a lot of concept products and is known as a master of the invention. Through her idea products, she has accumulated numerous awards including the Women’s Invention Award for the 2012 Women’s Invention Competition, the Gold Prize for the 2013 World Women’s Invention Contest, the Presidential Commendation for the 2015 invention and many others.
Currently, RRE and Double Save Cutting Board are sold in Homeplus, Lott e Mart, E-Mart and Hanaro Mart, etc., in Korea. Globally, they are available at Hytron in the USA, KJC in Japan, BLSKOREA in Singapore, and Baby House in Taiwan. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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