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November 28, 2018

Math Educational Comics’s Math Adventure is an educational comic book for elementary mathematics, helping children to learn mathematics easily and interestingly while reading books. As we researched and developed books based on the integrated curriculum that compared and analyzed the curriculums of elementary mathematics in Korea, China, the United States and Japan, the reader can learn the meaningful mathematical concepts of four countries without missing parts. Unlike other educational comics, which have less contents of math lessons by focusing on stories only, Ryan’s Math Adventure has conducted research and development of books in collaboration with elementary mathematics professors at Korea National University of Education and local teachers of the United States in order to improve the accuracy of learning.
Ryan’s Math Adventure contains the story taking place while Ryan, a real-life boy who hates mathematics, moves to the math continent one day. In order to make the children who think math is difficult show more interest in math, we have grafted math upon children’s favorite fantasy stories and assigned a different mathematical section to each country and hero appearing in the books in order to increase the learning effect. As the story progresses, while seeing the characters’ mathematical competence improve, the children can enhance their ability of reading and mathematics along with their learning att itude.
Considering children’s emotional development, sensitivity development, and even educational effect, we have excluded violent and provocative contents and used European friendly and gentle illustrations. In addition, we have organized the contents of the book so that the readers can accept the race, gender, and culture of various characters in the book without prejudice, for building their own identity and cultivating global citizenship based on their understanding of others.
We have produced both Korean and English versions, now selling them in Korea and the United States. We participated in NCTM of the USA and Beijing International Book Fair and received favorable evaluations from visitors.
WeDu Communications, since established in 2003, has conducted
various projects in the sectors of e-learning contents production and edutainment. We have developed the national digital textbooks for 11 consecutive years and have provided edutainment-based educational contents based on know-how gained through supervision and performance of various government research and development projects and leading-edge standard technological prowess.
Ryan’s Math Adventure, the global math comic contents developed by composing our own comic production/edit team, started to be sold from July 2017 in Korea, and its English version has been completed and now is sold on Amazon (e-book). This amazing Ryan’s Math Adventure has been developed as both a print book and e-book, and we will provide animation and various mathematical games through our own online platform that can utilize the books efficiently.
Also, in August 2018, we participated in the Beijing International Book Fair, receiving favorable reviews from Chinese publishers and agencies, and received proposals from several agencies to discuss entering markets in China and Southeast Asia as well as the United States. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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