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November 28, 2018

Multi-purpose Aluminum Mop aluminum mop produced by Dahmmi IND Co., Ltd. is designed to be light and strong. Velcro pressed to be kept attached semi-permanently and removable mop cloth holder designed to move left and right can easily attach any size of mop cloth or nonwoven fabric, thus being cost effective. There are three types of products: small size for window cleaning and water-washing of the floor, medium size for household and store, and the large size for cleaning buildings.
The DSR super fine fiber pad is specially manufactured by combining two different types of yarns so that hair or animal fur as well as yellow dust or fine dust can be attached well and it can be used regardless of dry or wet locations.
The 03D refill pads are finished inside the rim with another super fine fiber tissue in the type of COMEZ. Thus, it can help reduce the cleaning time by increasing the wiping area as well as the dust collection force.
Dahmmi IND Co., Ltd. Has been engaged in manufacture and export of cleaning cloth made of ultrafine microfiber over the past 30 years. Recently, the company has introduced a new household cleaner with janitorial special microfiber cleaning cloth equipped with an innovative mopping system by using aluminum plat and Velcro type refill pad. In addition to developing and exporting industrial cleaners for worldwide markets, Dahmmi IND continues its R&D efforts while adopting new technologies to remain a leading producer in the cleaning product market. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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