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November 29, 2018

Beauty & Home Care Devices is a new concept product that can penetrate the active ingredient directly into the skin with micro-particle injection. In particular, the Drug Delivery System (DDS) principle is applied, providing excellent anti-aging and anti-pollution effects.
Unlike the cosmetics to apply by hand, it penetrates directly into the skin, maximizing the effect by preventing damage of more than 60% active ingredient when applied by hand. In addition, it can prevent skin inflammation and disease caused by contaminants in the hands.
General spray type and mists stay only on the surface of the skin, taking away moisture in the skin, whereas relief-M is injected deep into the skin by using the fine particle spraying process.
LILIEF-M is distributed through specialized skin care shops and has been steadily exported to Singapore since 2017. Currently, acquiring a Thailand certification is underway to enter the country’s market, and preparing to open a local store in Vietnam.
Stay With Me Ampoule is an all-in-one product of skin + lotion + essence with the lasting effect of up to 72 hours with it’s with 50 high-concentration natural fermentation ingredients, and works as a one-stop solution for the skin. It has excellent anti-aging and anti-pollution effects that protect the skin from external harmful substances that promote skin aging and improve regenerative power. Stay With Me Ampoule increases skin elasticity by raising the skin’s self-vitality, alleviates wrinkles, and makes skin moist and healthy.
Wide Ocean Co., Ltd. is a professional cosmetics manufacturer that produces environmentally friendly cosmetics based on Oriental medicine science. In 2016, it started researching and developing beauty products that maximize the effects of ampoules and natural fermented extracts. In 2017, Wide Ocean launched a natural whitening and wrinkle-enhancing dual-function product based on Oriental medicine science. As of 2018, its developed a new product line is under research and development using bee venom and royal jelly as a product of anti-pollution concept to overcome skin damage caused by environmental pollution. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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