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November 29, 2018

Health Functional Foods is a natural antibiotic with excellent antibacterial, antioxidant, and immune-enhancing properties. However, made of ingredients such as resin and wax, it is insoluble in water. Therefore, in most countries, propolis is extracted with alcohol, manufactured while containing a large amount alcohol, or solubilized by using a large amount of an emulsifier or chemical compatibility additive instead of alcohol. Alcohols, emulsifiers, and chemical compatibility additives are substances that can eventually harm the human body, and are inadequate, especially for children, elderly people, and patients.
Unique Water-soluble Honey Propolis was developed as a technology to produce a water-soluble propolis without having alcohol residue and containing no emulsifier or chemical compatibility additives. Registered as patented technology to produce an environmentally-friendly non-alcohol water-soluble propolis using natural honey (Patent No. 10-1661495), it is also certified as a new technology (NET) No. 32-029 by the Korean government. Having no alcohol, emulsifier, or chemical compatibility additive, it provides very soft taste and fragrance so that everyone can enjoy eating propolis.
Unique Water-soluble Honey Propolis is sold online and offline including pharmacies, shopping malls, department stores, and health food specialty stores It is also exported to the USA, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Turkey, and Poland.
It comes in Spoid type to drink in bott led water or tea and Spray type to ingest directly into the mouth. Spray type, in particular, is easy to carry and can be taken anytime and anywhere. Containing high amount of water-soluble propolis, it is effective for the throat and it is effective for prevention of oral disease by antibacterial action in the mouth.
Unique Biotech Co., Ltd. is a bio-venture company that specializes in R&D and manufacture of Propolis, a natural antibiotic with excellent antibacterial and antioxidant efficacy. Hold eight patents on propolis extract, it has developed a technology for producing water-soluble propolis without using any alcohol, emulsifier, or chemical compatibility additive. Unique Biotech also developed the technology of producing water-soluble propolis spoons, water-soluble propolis sprays and toothpastes, producing water-soluble propolis raw materials that can be used as food, cosmetics, household products, and feed additive and supplying them to domestic and overseas markets. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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