Innovative Fire Extinguisher

The ICT-based mobile quick notification system produced by GFK is an innovative and modernized product that is easier to use compared to conventional fire extinguishers. It can be used for all A, B, C, and K class fires without regular inspection for more than ten years, while providing a security solution for Emergency Management, which is similar to SECOM, a security solution provider.

Established in 2017, GFK specializes in developing multifunctional fire extinguishers and IOT firefighting systems. Its main products include automobile fire extinguishers, home fire extinguishers, mobile SNS fire detection and alarm systems.
Based on 200 years of history since the invention of fire extinguishers, GFK seeks to contribute to the fire safety of humankind through products that fundamentally solve the malfunctioning of fire extinguishers and various fire-fighting products using IoT. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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