Facial Mask


Face Up Mask combines two separate serums to apply on the face and neckline for 10 to 15 minutes and to see the immediate & long benefits in lifting and firming after washing. This product is based on the story of combining two serums for the best benefits, which will last for a week.
PBCOSMETIC offers a total beauty platform service by providing customized products. PB also has its own brand called “DBRAND (Dmask, Dcare, Dcolors.” P&J, a sister company of the manufacturer PB Cosmetic Co., Ltd. and the 1st & only Korean company, has established a beauty show platform at the home shopping channels in the USA and Canada. CEL∙FIT and JJ BEAUTY are their own brand.

PB Cosmetic has been successful both at exhibitions such as HSN in the USA and TSC in Canada for its immediate and long-term lifting and firming effect with Before & After images from live models, as TSC selected it for its first launching as Showstopper in March 2018, while HSN just approved for Today’s Special on Dec. 20, right before Christmas holiday, for a 12-hour show with other items with at least $3 mil target sales volume per day after numerous sold-out records.

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