Botox Alternatives

A botox injection is expensive and painful, and has a short maintenance period of three to six months. Besides, ones facial expressions may become unnatural after getting an injection in the wrinkles.
The N-BTX Treatment Kit (ERLIN) is a botox alternative based on a patented international microcap system. Developed through a French research institute’s expertise, it provides an excellent improvement of the skin condition through Acetyl Hexapeptide, a dream material.
This kit, consisting of N-BTX serum, peptide powder, and solution, can be applied to wrinkled and less elastic areas of the skin, and it fills within the skin and pulls outside of the skin to create elasticity and firming effects.
N-BTX improves wrinkles by applying this micro-cap system, and the benefit is if you reduce the number of subsequent uses, the current status remains the same. It only uses pure and uncontaminated raw natural material to restore the self-healing power of the skin. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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