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March 29, 2019

Cerafoam is a new-concept callus remover with remarkable performance. This natural ceramic refill pad is designed to provide natural softness and smoothness to the feet. Its pack includes six refillable pads made from natural ceramic material. These refill pads are compatible with the Eco-Friendly Sanitary Callus Remover Foot File handle.
The natural ceramic pads deliver remarkable performance due to their hive-shaped structure that is effective for removing calluses and dead skin, but will not be too abrasive on its skin. Six pads provide long duration of use. Ceramic foam works like a multi-blade shaver to remove calluses safely and effectively. The strength and size of ceramic foam are ideal for removing calluses. Made of natural ceramic that is harmless to the human body, Cerafoam is harmless to the human body.
Cerafoam has been gaining public favor in domestic and foreign markets and is exported to Japan, the USA, China, and Europe as well as a number of other countries.
Samjo-Wellfoam Co., Ltd. (Wellfoam) manufactures and sells callus removers with the world’s first patented technology of using calcium phosphate as a ceramic foaming agent. Since the launch of Cerafoam in 2008, Wellfoam secured its position by concentrating on the domestic market. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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