Facial Cleanser & Mask Sheets


OSEQUE Silky Bright Enzyme Powder Facial Wash cleanses dead skin cells and impurities gently with acidulous enzyme powder containing dual enzymes. The natural enzymes containing bromelain and papain help remove protein cares pore, sebum, and dead skin cells without irritation. Acidulous enzyme powder pH5.5 is a softer and smoother way to clean its face. OSEQUE True Noble Soil Layering Mask is a new concept of sheet mask coated with Osec Hwangto layer that purifies skin waste and it is formulated with Osec Jijangsoo containing various minerals.
OSEQUE Hydro Deep Sea Cream Mask is a water-filling wash off the mask that brings the freshness of marine energy. It is easy to use and carry in a pouch type. Containing marine plants, its creamy textured formula soothes and moisturizes the skin.
We have been seeking nature-friendly beauty care solutions from the very start. We use natural ingredients to create cosmetics because we believe skin blossoms into optimum beauty through nature. Oseque, a brand created for those seeking beauty, has arrived to guide you into the true nature of beauty.

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