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Creative Wood Speaker | Korean Products

Camperbox Wood Speaker is made based on the principle of enlarging the sound of a smartphone through resonance. It is a powerless speaker that amplifies the sound of a smartphone naturally. The speaker itself has no function to adjust the volume; however, the sound is boosted by two to three times through its own resonance. The package also includes a gender to mount a smartphone horizontally, so the user can watch movies conveniently.

This wood speaker is made by using high-quality birch and BUTTERO, Italian natural leather that surrounds the speaker. The brilliant color and texture of Buttero leather is fairly natural, artificial, and luxurious.
The smart wireless charging cradle is a lightweight, slim cellphone cradle made from birch and has a wireless charging pad. Users can listen to music and watch videos while charging the cellphone in horizontal or vertical form on a prefabricated stand. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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