Coffee-Making Devices

Recently, more and more people enjoy flavors and aromas at home, reflected in newly coined words such as “Home Party,” “Home Cook,” and ‘’Home Café.” Especially in the USA, the global coffee specialty brand Blue Bottle is drawing wide attention, and the popularity of drip coffee is higher than ever before, while in the U.S. market, Home Café related products are also gaining popularity.
Peter’s Pantry, a manufacturer of smart drip servers, drip scales, and timers that can check the weight and volume of the contents in the container itself without a separate scale, is preparing to advance actively into overseas markets in response to these market conditions.

By combining cutting-edge design with the latest technology, the company offers people the opportunity to enjoy drip coffee more conveniently.
In addition, the company is equipped with design competitiveness different from existing products through development-planning centering on product designers, and with manufacturing know-how such as sensor calibration technology and flexible LED display through R&D. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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