Multipurpose Safety Gloves

Craft Guy makes unique patterned gloves by using patented yarn with its design and color perfect for industry, leisure, sports, gardening, and DIY work.
Craft Guy gloves include Nitrile Foam coating gloves, Cut Resistance Gloves (Lv3, Lv5), and the high-temperature resistant Kevlar Gloves, which can be used for more professional work.

They are 100% manufactured in Korea, and Craft Guy gloves feature stable and superb quality.
Craft Guy gloves keep workers’ hands safe in harsh working environments while providing excellent touch on all types of smartphone models.
Creamhaus Friends Co., Ltd. is a baby products brand. Under the slogan “For Little Dreamers,” the company started as a premium baby mat manufacturer in 2012.

It is based on 100% domestic production by using premium materials, made under a strict and thorough inspection system to ensure safe, modern and unique products.
Creamhaus Friends has also acquired essential safety certifications at home and abroad and has obtained Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I, the world’s top textile safety certification. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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