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April 18, 2019

Dreamsky Illustration Map can be used by painting directly on the illustrations drawn by an artist, and decorating with various icons and stickers, which makes it useful for travelers or children’s education. The newly introduced maps by continents and nations and Lovely Planet offers characteristics of each continent, country, and city, which thus bringing the pleasure of choosing one’s favorite region.

Dreamsky Coloring Book consists of the top-100 places in the world, in Korea, and in Seoul recommended by a travel sketch writer with 100 sketches for each series.
Dreamsky Design Passport Cover contains sceneries of London, Paris, and even feelings of Switzerland’s Jungfrau, and Africa’s Serengeti. All of Dreamsky’s products consist of hand-drawn pen illustrations.
Jun-Cheon Lee, CEO of Dreamsky and a designer, traveled through 33

countries, during which he sold postcards with his own hand-drawn illustrations. He established Dreamsky in 2013 and introduced products with designs with the theme of places around the world including D-map series, Republic of Korea map K-map series, and S-map series, in the form of diaries, passport covers, and stickers. Its products have won the Grand Prize in the 5th Seoul Tourism Souvenir Contest and received awards from Korea’s Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism in the 2016 Korea Symbol Design Competition. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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